GILSTYLE photography

About us

The communion of you and your love isn't just about exchanging rings.

It's about filling your heart with the smile of the other, having to pour out tears without knowing the reason why.

It's about understanding the language that the eyes speak.

We celebrate the day we commit to sharing the tears of joy and sadness, and all the special moments in life, by saying 'I do'.

We celebrate with the people, who have prepared us each step of the way, whether emotionally, intellectually or physically, for this very moment.

We, GILSTYLE photography team, is honored to take part in this special day. We capture your smiles, and your tears of joy, and laughter as you launch a journey together to happiness.

The day is yours.

We, GILSTYLE, only help make your day an ever-lasting memory.



Gil began his career as a professional photographer by running his own photography business in 1995 post graduation from University as Photography major. His photojournalism works have been published in several newspaper and magazine articles. Gil attended and graduated from the 'Academy of Art University' in San Francisco in 2003. Afterwards, he worked for daily newspaper as a staff photographer in Los Angeles before moving to New York. Gil has participated in solo and group exhibitions with fine art and photojournalistic portrait in New York. After Gil entered the wedding industry, he founded and established GILSTYLE photography in 2012. With over 25 years of experience in photography industry, Gil has successfully merged his photojournalism background with both fine art portrait style engagement and documentary style wedding that have resulted in some of the finest art work to date.




Always had a passion for photography. He started his photography career after his graduation from 'Stony Brook University' with a fine art photography degree. He was trained in the lost arts of film photography and dark room development. With these skills he loved to created abstract photography, yet it wasn’t until he specifically started working as a Wedding Photographer that he understood the real power of capturing a once-in-a-lifetime kind of moment. He seeks out those intimate and joyful moments, capturing the essence of every couple’s very special day on camera. To have a collection of photos you will cherish for the rest of your life, and for generations to come.